Frequently asked questions

Do I need to work from a specific location?

With us you are global, work from any geographical location at the time you feel best (just remember to complete the project on time) for the work. It is a liberty that every community member enjoys at Devnagri.

How does this platform helps in improving my speed and skills?

Advance tool mechanism to assist at every step along with mentor support on forum helps in maturing the skills and in increasing the pace of work.

How to become a reviewer?

In our community, reviewer is the member that has top most level of experience and ratings in his/her lingual stream. With the appreciable work quality and on time delivery one can become reviewer in a short duration.

How many times can I attempt a test?

A member can have monthly one attempt to prove his/her worth as an translator. It gives time to practice and upgrade the skills before the next attempt. There is no upper cap for the number of possible attempts.

What is the minimum age requirement to become translator at Devnagri?

Devnagri, is a community of educated scholars with minimum age requirement of 18 years to be the translator.

What kind of translation work will I get?

From Industry specific content such as: Healthcare, Information & Technology to general website there is huge variety of data available for the translation. You must define your domain to get industry specific material.

Why to Join Devnagri as Translator? What are the benefits?

Well, only expert translators are selected and approved at Devnagri, thus it takes a lot to be the one. If you have the skills and experience then Sign Up and join our community. With a large number of clients you can:

  • Work at any geographical location: It is not necessary to be in an office or at any particular location to work as a Translator with us, you just require a high speed internet connection and a laptop/computer to earn.
  • Have Payment Security: We at Devnagri, holds the advance payments from client’s end as a security feature so that all of your approved and accepted work could be paid for.
  • Polish Your Skills: With the number of quality translators we help in improving your translation skills, so that you could deliver quality work in shorter duration of time.

What if I do not complete my work on time?

Client’s work and time limits are given utmost priority, if you do not complete the task on time, it automatically gets assigned to another translator. Translator will not be paid for incomplete task, also it will impact the rating and flow of the projects.

Can I be the translator in more than one language?

We respect your versatility, so if you are good in more than one language translation then you just need to clear different lingual test and you will be able a multi-linguist with us .

How to add multiple languages in my profile?

For adding more than one language, translator need to go “Edit profile” option, under which there is a tab “Languages”. This tab will have the information of the languages that translator has opted for. To add more languages there is “Add More Language” option. Using the option the person can show the interest in multiple languages but he will be able to score a project only after qualifying the test against same.

Is there any minimum payout amount?

Translator should have minimum of 500 in his Devnagri account to request for a payout.

How long will it take to get the amount transferred in my bank account?

It takes minimum 5 working days for the approval and transaction of the payout to the translator.

How can I delete my account from Devnagri?

We do not want you to leave our platform, if there is any grievance you can write to us. If it is a firm decision then under “My Account” settings there is an option for deleting the account.