terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions for Translators

It is important for all current and new members (further can be termed as “User”, “Service Provider”, “Translator”) joining Kutumbh to read the stated “Terms and Conditions” (T&C’s) on regular basis to avoid any mishappening during the usage of this website/app. By agreeing to these conditions it is understood that the translator has read all the below given conditions carefully and Devnagri will not be held as responsible for any confusions or atrocities directly/indirectly caused using this platform. Translator found guilty of misusing this platform in any way shall be banned and the finances shall be freezed from the same registered account.

  • Translation timing is auto generated and calculated with complete precautions, translator need to respect the time limit and should complete the project within it. If the content is not completed within the given time-frame or if the translator is found not to be working for past 48 hours (initiate the assignment within 1 hour of the allotment) then the assignment shall automatically get transferred to another party and no payments will be done for incomplete task.
  • Translator cannot transfer his task to any other external or community translator. Devnagri/Kutumbh holds the complete rights to terminate or transfer the order depending upon translator’s behavior.

Contract Termination Conditions:

  • Translator found using the confidential material utilizing for personal or professional reasons will be debarred from using the platform and the remaining payments can be frozen (Further, can be released after a proper discussion regarding it)
  • Translator communicating with the client for direct business purpose. In any such case where client and translator communication is found to be varying from the project to personal gains can result in termination of contract and usage of this platform. Payments can be freezed (considered for release only after satisfactory discretion).
  • Translator is not allowed to post anything illegal, illicit or otherwise seems unfit for work on the website or any of its subsidiaries. Translators are not allowed to share personal information.

Intellectual Property:

All the content or related material given is client’s (Devnagri/Kutumbh) intellectual property, translator shall not claim for any content or its part to be his own. The user shall not showcase the content or disclose the information to any third party as it is given in confidence of secrecy that requires to complete task without any exposure of the same to any other individual or firm. Once the work is complete and accepted by the client, the user rights to work on the same are revoked thus the service provider will not access the same again.

Limits and Liabilities

No discussions should be done regarding the content or the work with any third party or person. Any liability due to work disclosure or discussion, directly or indirectly will be the sole responsibility of the service provider. Any physical, mental, monetary or other known or unknown damage due to the disclosure of the information or its part will be the responsibility of translator and Devnagri/Kutumbh or any other related subsidiary shall not be held liable for the same.

Service Quality and Modification

Translator will always deliver the quality work, the conversions/translations done should be error free. Service provider will be required to make the alterations or corrections as per the requirement of the client. If the quality does not meet the required scales then the payments can be put on hold. The modifications are the part of the service provided by the translator, not accepting this part will result in cancellation of the project and there will be no payments for the low quality or incomplete work. Translator work will be reviewed by the reviewer and if it is not satisfactory we can stop payment or block account.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

The company holds all the rights to change or modify the above stated terms and conditions at any moment without any prior written or oral notification to the user. The translator is required to keep visiting this page on regular basis to keep himself updated about any change or alteration.